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    About Gyaan Yog - The Team Our vision Life, Faith, Confidence Hi, I am Adrija Choudhury, founder of The Hekate Guidance , content writer and now the mystery unraveller of Gyaan Yog. The world of spirituality, mythology and religion has always inspired and awed me. What better way to explore that while enjoying the process of creativity and my writing than to share the depths of wisdom with anyone who visits this website? ​ ​ ​ Hi, I am Naya, the visionary founder of Morii Jodi and one of the driving forces behind Gyaanyog. As a budding healer and matchmaker, I empower individuals to unlock their true potential and find fulfilment. With Morii Jodi's ethical AI and psychology-based matchmaking, I intend to revolutionize relationships. Through Gyaanyog, I will draw on the profound wisdom of spirituality and mythology, striving to guide individuals through modern complexities. ​ Join us on this transformative journey, rewrite your story, and embrace the power of ancient teachings for meaningful connections and personal growth in today's world. Let's unlock your potential and nurture profound bonds.​

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